• What athletes should consume to remain in the desired physique?

    by  • June 24, 2015 • Random

    The rewards offered in sport are now greater than they ever have been. Desire, dedication and drive can be the difference between winning and losing. Athletes must do all they can to give them the edge, such as keeping their bodies in the best shape possible.

    To achieve peak performance every calorie consumed by sportsmen is monitored. Whether the goal is to bulk up to achieve power or remain lean and agile, there no is no getting away from the importance nutrition now plays in sport.

    Data has been collected by World Sports Food Fight showing what athletes from a variety of sports must consume on a daily basis to remain in the desired physique. It indicates the enormous differences in what athletes such as swimmer Michael Phelps and MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi eat.

    For instance, did you know that Michael Phelps would eat four times as many calories as Rossi to give him the energy needed whilst in the pool and it is highly doubtful that Rossi would have enjoyed his phenomenal success if he hadn’t of maintained his lean shape.

    The data allows you to compare the differences in diet between athletes from different sports. You can find out who eats more between a Rugby player and American Footballer, how the top footballers can run up to 6.5 miles in a game and where the stars of the Tour De France get their energy from.

    The information can also be educational for any aspiring athletes. It allows young sportsmen to find out what their idols are eating and how they can improve their performance through what they are eating.