• Best Sporting Events to Attend in the UK This Year

    by  • March 27, 2019 • Random

    From horse racing and tennis to golf and rugby, the UK’s sporting calendar is packed with exciting events that showcase the pinnacle of talent and skill. These are some of the most important dates you need to schedule into your diary over the coming months if you want to witness sporting brilliance in the UK.

    Grand National

    Horse racing is a key part of British history and there are racing events throughout the year, but none quite match the excitement and exhilarating tension of the Grand National. Held in April at Aintree, this has long been regarded as the most colourful 10 minutes in sport. From the entertainment to the fun of the races themselves & the betting that takes place, even moreso when you realise lots of bookies will offer a free bet for the Grand National, the Grand National is one of the sporting highlights of the year and one that true horse racing fanatics won’t want to miss.


    Famous around the globe and synonymous with the UK, Wimbledon takes place in July in south-west London. The atmosphere at Wimbledon is unforgettable and its history and characteristic British charm is what makes it one of the greatest tennis tournaments in the world. Spanning two weeks, the first round of matches begins on the 1st of the month. There’s nowhere better to watch the likes of Serena Williams, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic push their skills to the limit.

    Formula 1 British Grand Prix

    Formula 1 is a sport that once you’ve seen it in person, you’ll never settle for TV viewing again – it’s thrilling, fast-paced, and the atmosphere is electric. The Formula 1 British Grand Prix will take place in July at Silverstone for what is guaranteed to be a dramatic event. With Silverstone’s contract to host the event ending and no new deal in place, 2019 could be the last British Grand Prix we see for a while, making this an even bigger must-see event than usual.

    The Ashes

    The Ashes has been ongoing since 1883 between England and Australia and more than 100 years later, it’s still one of the most important events in cricket. This August, the Australian team will be making the journey to England to battle it out once again. The famous urn has changed hands many times between both teams over the last decade so fans will be keen to see a defeat to take it back from Australian hands. The first test takes place in Edgbaston, Birmingham between 1st and 5th August.

    Rugby League Grand Final

    The most anticipated night in the Super League will take place at the Theatre of Dreams in October. Old Trafford will be playing host to the 22nd Grand Final of the Betfred Super League following a return to the Top Five Play-Offs that spawned the original Grand Final back in 1998. The Super League is the peak of professional rugby competitions and the Grand Final promises to deliver an amazing night of sporting excellence as the teams fight for the opportunity to achieve victory.